Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about the ferry voyage.

Please contact the relevant ferry operators for queries about various routes.


  • Q. Will I get seasick?

    You will not feel much movement because of the anti-vibration function*. However, the ferry may move erratically due to adverse weather or sea area, so please take motion sickness tablets if you tend to suffer from motion sickness.

    *Please check in advance if motion sickness tablets are sold onboard.

    揺れ防止機能フィンスタビライザー 船の揺れに対応して航行時の水流に対するフィンの角度が自動的に調節される仕組み
  • Q. Is it safe for women to stay overnight onboard?

    Yes, as there are shared cabins for women only.
    Some ferries have nursing rooms for the convenience of passengers with small children.

    女性専用ルーム 授乳室などの設備
  • Q. Is there internet onboard?

    There is free Wi-Fi in the deluxe cabins and shared areas such as restaurants. You can get a signal when you are near the coastline, but it is unstable when you are out at sea. It is also worth leaving your daily life behind to enjoy a time without mobile phones.

    無料Wi-Fi 無料でネット FREE SPOT
  • Q. What different types of cabins are there?

    There are various cabins, from hotel room-like ones to dormitory-style cabins, Japanese-style ones with a large open-space room, and deluxe cabins. Choose the one you like according to the size of your party and purpose.

    ホテルのような客室 ドミトリー式の寝台
  • Q. How do I reserve a passage?

    Please call to make a reservation. Notify in advance if you are bringing your car or require a wheelchair.

  • Q. What do I do if I want to bring my car onboard?

    You will need to reserve a space in advance to bring your car on board. Please bring your car registration and go through the carriage procedures two to three hours before departing Kagoshima or an hour before departing other ports.

    車を積み込むイラスト 車両甲板
  • Q. What do I do if I want to bring my motorbike or bicycle onboard?

    You will need to pay a separate special luggage charge for bringing a motorbike or bicycle.
    Although you are not required to reserve a space, please complete your registration between 4 PM and 5 PM at Kagoshima Shinko Port and 30 minutes before departure at Amami Islands and Okinawa ports.

  • Q. Can I go back to my car after the ferry leaves port?

    The vehicle deck where the cars are parked is out of bounds from the time the ferry leaves port to when it docks. Be sure to bring everything that you require before you leave the vehicle dock.

  • Q. What about the food onboard?

    Each ferry has a restaurant and shop and vending machines selling cups of noodles and ice cream.
    You can enjoy a warm meal onboard.

  • Q. What are the forms of payment accepted onboard?

    Cash is the only form of payment accepted on board, so be sure to bring enough cash.
    Please check with the relevant ferry operators about the forms of payment they accept at the port.

  • Q. Who works onboard?
    Deck (captain, navigation officers, deckhands, etc.)
    They pilot the ferry, keep watch while sailing, guide vehicles, lash (securing cargo), and maintain the hull.
    Engine chamber (chief engineer, engineers, stokers, etc.)
    They carry out maintenance and inspection on various machinery, including the engine that sails the ferry.
    Administration (purser, clerks, stewards, etc.)
    The administration staff, including the cooks, assist passengers during registration and onboard.
  • Q. What do I need to do to bring in pets?

    You must bring a cage to use the paid-for pet room. The cage’s three dimensions must be under 2 meters and weigh under 30kg. Please be aware that anything larger will be handled as cargo.
    You will be charged a luggage storage fee on a ferry without a pet room, and a crew member will show you to the storage area.
    (*You will be required to submit a written agreement during check-in.)

  • Q. How do I board with a wheelchair?

    Wheelchair users will be required to confirm whether the wheelchair is electric or manual, its measurements, and whether there will be an attendant. As the ferries travel for prolonged periods of time, we recommend traveling with an attendant for a safe and secure sea voyage. A wheelchair accessible vehicle is provided on disembarkation, but please let a crew member know if you have made an arrangement for an accessible taxi.

  • Q. Is there a limit to carry-on luggage?

    Each passenger is permitted to bring two suitcases into their cabin.
    Please use the luggage service to store extra baggage to make boarding and disembarkation safe.

  • Q. What does service with conditions mean?

    It means that a service is run with delays, changes to port, and skipping port of call if the sea is expected to be rough due to weather or nautical conditions.
    Please be aware that customers are responsible for all the expenses incurred, including travel, accommodation, and others, due to delays or changes to the ferry services mentioned above.