Model course 04
Amami Oshima―Tokunoshima―Amami Oshima

The Great Outdoors Tour

3-day/2-night journey by ferry between Amami Oshima and Tokunoshima

Day 1

Amami Airport

One of Japan’s best mangroves Canoeing

The island boasts the second-largest mangrove colony in Japan. A canoe tour is a great way to observe precious flora and fauna.

Kuroshio Forest Mangrove Park

Rich in negative ions Forest therapy

One of Amami’s most famous waterfalls, with a drop of about 30 meters.

Arangachi Falls

Overlooking the Oshima Strait Scenic spot

Mt. Yui is the main landmark in the southern region of Amami Oshima, and the Oshima Strait that flows between Kakeromajima and Amami Oshima is a splendid scene to take in.

Yuidake Observatory
  • 【Address】
    Agina, Setouchi-cho, Oshima District
  • 【Inquiries】
    0997-72-1199(Amami Setouchi Tourism Association)
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Day 2

Take the Amami Kaiun ferry

The deeply indented coastline with a white sandy cove is exquisite.

Koniya Fishing Port Terminal

Drive around Tokunoshima’s scenic spots

The unusual rock known as Megane Rock (megane, meaning eyeglasses in Japanese) is a popular photo spot.

Innojo Futa
  • 【Address】
    2284-3, Kaneku, Amagi-cho, Oshima District
  • 【Inquiries】
    0997-85-5382 (Amagi Town Commerce, Industry, Fishery, and Tourism Section)
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Granite of all sizes spreading 150 meters east to west, and 100 meters south to north, are indeed works of art created by nature.

  • 【Address】
    1-3, Oishi Kujin, Yonama, Amagi-cho, Oshima District
  • 【Inquiries】
    0997-85-5382(Amagi Town Commerce, Industry, Fishery, and Tourism Section)
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Magnificent ocean scenery where the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean merge unfold as you step onto the observatory at the end of the tunnel made by sago palms planted about 350 years ago.

Cape Kanami’s sago palm tunnel
  • 【Address】
    Kanami, Tokunoshima-cho, Oshima District
  • 【Inquiries】
    0997-83-4111 (Tokunoshima Town Regional Marketing Section)
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Enjoy the beautiful sea views and indulge in the local mothers’ exquisite wild boar meat dishes!

The cafe run by the Amachan (mothers) of Kanami serves regional dishes made with Tokunoshima’s boar. Enjoy a meal while appreciating the view of the azure sea unfolding before you in a hamlet within a national park.

Gibier cafe Tohgura

Meet the fighting bulls Care for a bullfighting bull

Fighting bulls are raised traditionally on Tokunoshima. You can interact directly with the bulls through a hands-on experience of their care, including brushing.

Get to know bullfighting bulls (MUSUBIYA)

Take the ferry to Amami Oshima again

You can see the sunset on the horizon from the boat, depending on the season, as the boat departs in the evening.

Kametoku Shinko Port

Day 3

Get up close and personal with a subtropical forest Trekking

The area is dense with subtropical plants, including the giant brush pot tree, and provides a habitat for rare animals such as the national natural treasure, the purple jay.
*Kinsakubaru’s nature experience requires an Amami Islands’ certified eco-tour guide.

  • 【Address】
    Asato, Naze, Amami
  • 【Inquiries】
    0997-52-1111(The City of Amami Tsumugi Tourism Section)
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Learn about nature and culture through films and exhibitions

The exhibition center introduces the Amami Islands’ beautiful natural surroundings, diverse culture, and history through visual exhibits. It comprises two facilities; Amami-no-Sato, which serves as a forum for exchange, and the Tanaka Isson Museum that showcases the works of Isson Tanaka, a painter who dedicated himself to capturing Amami’s natural beauty. It is an excellent place for small children to learn the islands’ folk songs and rare ecosystems through engaging installations.

Amami Park (Amami-no-Sato)
  • 【Address】
    1834, Fushida, Kasari-cho, Amami, Kagoshima Prefecture
  • 【Inquiries】
  • 【Hours】
    9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (9:00 AM – 7:00 PM in July and August)
  • 【Admission】
    Adults \310, students \220, primary and junior high school children \150
  • 【Closed】
    No scheduled holidays (please check the website)
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