Enjoy an active vacation
through a rich variety of experiences
Amami Oshima, the largest island among the Amami Islands, is like an amusement park with no shortage of things worth talking about, from the sea to the mountains, food, history, and culture. Even those with no experience visiting a remote island can feel reassured as the island offers plenty of activities. Quaint traditional hamlets and smart resort-like area are also part of Amami Oshima’s appeal. Why not search for your favorite scenery among many notable sites as you drive leisurely along the coast?

~ Recommended Photo Spots on Amami Oshima ~

Famous backdrop for the opening scene of an NHK historical drama!
Cape Miyakozaki
The scenic spot is in Amami Gunto National Park, and the entire cape is covered with short bamboos. Azure coral reefs unfold along the coastline. It is a popular tourist spot associated with the historical drama.
Compelling sunset view soothes the soul
Ohama Seaside Park
Amami Oshima’s well-known sunset spot offers a view of a stunning sunset over the azure sea and white sands.
The adjoining Amami Marine Museum is also a popular tourist spot.

Amami Oshima’s Instagrammable spots

The Heart Rock
The heart-shaped pool that appears at low tide is popular as a spot that attracts love. The trail leading to the rock is also worth a mention for its tropical ambiance.
  • 【Address】
    1346-1, Akaogi, Tatsugo-cho, Oshima District
  • 【Inquiries】
    (Tatsugo-cho Planning and Tourism Section)
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Amami Oshima Shuzo
A giant shochu monument marks the entrance to the shochu distillery. The brown sugar shochu distillery tour is worth a try.
*The distillery tour requires reservation.
  • 【Address】
    1864-2, Ura, Tatsugo-cho, Oshima District
  • 【Inquiries】
    (Amami Oshima Shuzo)
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Kuninao’s happiness tree tunnel
The happiness tree tunnel is in Kuninao hamlet. It is a popular photo spot among tourists.
  • 【Address】
    Kuninao, Yamato Village, Oshima District
  • 【Inquiries】
    (Yamato Village Planning and Tourism Section)
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~ Amami Oshima’s popular foody spots ~

Café with a spectacular ocean view of the sparkling sea and white sandy beaches
Amami Kyora Umi Kobo
The restaurant serves Italian cuisine made with an abundance of island ingredients and offers a brown sugar factory tour in a superb location overlooking the azure sea. *The factory tour requires reservation.
Island gelati making the most of the ingredients’ flavors.
La Fonte
The shop serves superb gelati made with ingredients unique to the island, including tropical fruits, brown sugar, and sugar crystals. The gelati are handmade using home-grown ingredients. Enjoy them with a cup of coffee or tea.

Amami Oshima’s island specialties worth trying

Saigomatsu Hompo
The shop near the site of Saigo Nanshu exile serves the famous Mame Bokkuri and Sugar Cane Juice.
Shima Tofuya
It is worth trying the soft momendofu with a hint of sweetness made with mineral-rich bittern from Amami’s seawater.
With the motto, “pride in nature,” the restaurant specializing in chicken dishes is committed to using Amami ingredients. Enjoy chicken dishes such as chicken rice.

~ Enjoy Amami Oshima’s island songs ~

Savor chicken dishes while listening to island songs
The restaurant serves Amami’s regional dishes and a large selection of brown sugar shochu. The Shimauta Course is recommended if you want to dine while listening to island songs. *Please call in advance if you wish to hear island songs.

~ Lose yourself in Amami’s nature and culture ~

Feel Amami Oshima’s nature that nurtures unique ecosystems
Nature experience in Kinsakubaru
The area is dense with subtropical plants, including the giant brush pot tree, and provides a habitat for rare animals such as the national natural treasure, the purple jay.
*Kinsakubaru’s nature experience requires an Amami Islands’ certified eco-tour guide.
Amami Islands’ certified eco-tour guides
(Amami Islands Eco Tourism Promotional Association)
Experience the history and culture of Amami’s authentic Oshima tsumugi
Oshima Tsumugimura
Oshima tsumugi is a silk textile that represents Japan that Amami Oshima is proud to produce. Oshima Tsumugimura shows its production process through mini-lessons in dyeing and handweaving. *The lessons require reservation.

~ Learn about Amami Oshima’s nature and culture ~

A theme park where you can learn about Amami Oshima’s nature and history
Amami Park
The park offers exhibits that make it easy to understand Amami’s diverse nature, culture, and history. It is the Amami Islands’ interactive tourism base with two facilities; Amami-no-Sato and Tanaka Isson Museum.
Showcasing the works of Isson Tanaka, the solitary gifted artist.
Tanaka Isson Museum
The museum exhibits many works by Isson Tanaka, who depicted Amami’s nature through a unique lens.