Amami route 01

Kagoshima―Amami Islands―Okinawa

A leisurely voyage from Amami to Okinawa, relaxing on a large ship


Be sure to check in early as passengers boarding on foot can board an hour before departure. Once you finish checking in at the port, let’s go on board. If you are bringing your car, the driver and passengers must board separately. Rest assured, as once on board, a member of staff will check your boarding ticket and take you to your cabin.

Find out how to board with a car

On the Amami Route, you can enjoy dynamic views only a sea route that takes you out on the open sea can offer. The sunrise over the horizon, the islands you see from the ship on the long route from Amami Oshima to Okinawa, and the various ports are all worth seeing. Appreciate the views that change with the seasons, on the outbound and inbound services, from the deck or cabin window.

The ample onboard facilities include hotel guestroom-like private cabins, spacious cabins, dining room that is open outside restaurant hours, and they expand the way you enjoy a sea voyage. A relaxing sea voyage lets you have fun planning your trip with friends in your private cabin or engage in a chat with the people you meet in the common area.

The restaurant serving hot meals offers menus unique to the Amami Route, including dishes made with Kagoshima ingredients, such as Kagoshima Berkshire pork and katsuobushi (bonito flakes), and chicken rice. Please check the menus in advance as they vary by breakfast, lunch, and dinner.