Point1A ferry ride is relaxing and easy-going.

You can play, sleep or enjoy the ocean view from the deck…
Spending the day the way you want is what makes a sea voyage appealing.
How you reach a destination can also become part of your vacation memories.


Point2You can also take your car!

A ferry lets you take your car to the islands.
You can enjoy the outdoors on the islands fully as you will be able to take over-sized luggage such as surfboards, bicycles, and camping equipment.


Point3Enjoy a boat trip together!

You can bring small children, family members that need care, and pets*
A ferry lets you enjoy traveling long distances with everyone you dared to hope before!

*There are conditions to bringing pets.


Point4Enjoy the Amami Islands, even if it’s just for the weekend.

Wake up to find yourself in the southern islands!
You can see the islands to your heart’s content as soon as you awake, as the ferry combines accommodation and transportation.


Point5A boat makes traveling between the islands a breeze.

Daily inbound and outbound services on two sea routes can provide easy access between the islands.