• The fun of cruising

水平線のその先へ まだ見ぬ感動を探して

Feel every
light, wind, and the sound of waves

 With the whistle signaling departure, the ferry leaves port as if gliding on the sea’s calm surface. After a short time, an endless horizon unfolds.
 The waves sparkle, reflecting the sunlight, a pleasant sea breeze caresses the cheeks gently, and the sound of the waves evokes nostalgic childhood memories. A sea voyage is extraordinary because it lets you feel every bit of that emotion and sensation.
 As you surrender to the gentle flow of time while thinking of the islands you have yet to see, you find yourself becoming freer as you are released from the bustle of everyday life.

The Amami Islands between Kagoshima and Okinawa present different aspects, and each one is unique. Enjoy the views you can only get from the sea.

The gentle flow of time and
extraordinary experiences make a sea voyage special

 Only a sea voyage lets you enjoy the gentle flow of time, which is in sharp contrast to everyday life where you are pressed for time. The best part of a sea voyage is that you get to experience the extraordinary, whether it is relaxing as you please in the spacious onboard facilities or appreciating the passing views on the open-air deck.

With encounters and partings, you accumulate memories
as many as the number of sea voyages you make

 People departing and those seeing them off, the scenes repeated daily at the port on each island form a precious leaf of your sea voyage memories. The scenery on the Amami Islands and the people you meet are sure to become unforgettable.