Model course 03
Koniya (Amami Oshima) ―Kakeromajima

A sea voyage to Kakeromajima

A day-trip from Koniya (Amami Oshima) to Kakeromajima

A Day-Trip

Board Ferry Kakeroma from Koniya Port and head for Kakeromajima.

Ferry Kakeroma operates daily between Koniya, the southern gateway to Amami Oshima, and Kakeromajima. Go through the boarding procedures at Setouchi Umi-no-Eki near the port and board the ferry on foot. There are two ports, Seso and Ikenma, on the way to Kakeromajima, so disembark at the port nearest to your destination.

Setouchi Umi-no-Eki (Ferry Kakeroma embarkation port)

Arrive a Kakeromajima’s Seso Port

You can enjoy a short 20 to 30-minute cruise on the ferry from Koniya Port. Savor the sparkling emerald green water and Kakeromajima’s coastal scenery from the ferry crossing the Oshima Strait.

Seso passenger waiting area

Kakeroma Bus is handy for traveling around Kakeromajima

Kakeroma Bus that takes a round-trip around Kakeromajima awaits ferry passengers as they land at Seso Port. Check the detailed routes and timetable by accessing the website below.

Kakeroma Bus

An electric rental bike is recommended for exploring the island!

We recommend renting a bike from Kakeromajima Tenji Taiken Koryukan at Seso Port (Ikenma Port) for sightseeing on the island.

Bike rental
  • 【Last-minute booking】
    0997-75-0430 (Seso passenger waiting area)
    0997-76-0619 (Ikenma passenger waiting area)
  • 【Previous day booking】
    0997-76-0676(Kakeromajima Tenji Taiken Koryukan)
  • 【Hours】
    Seso passenger waiting area (7:00 AM – 6:30 PM)
    Ikenman passenger waiting area (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
    Kakeromajima Tenji Taiken Koryukan (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
  • 【Fees】
    From ¥800 (four hours)
  • 【WEB】

Ikomo Mamoru watches out for the safety of the island

Ikomo Mamoru stands at the beach as if watching over Ikoma Primary School. His calm countenance has made him an increasingly popular Instagram spot among women.

Ikomo village

Relish your time on the island in the shade of a giant banyan tree.

The cool resting area next to a giant banyan tree by the beach in Kedomi village is a wonderfully pleasant place offering a view of the emerald green ocean and the waves’ soothing sound. It is fun to explore the laid-back hamlet, strolling through the alleys lined with coral rock walls and swinging on a handmade swing.

Kedomi village

A rest-stop where you can buy Kakeromajima’s specialties

The local specialty market is in front of Kakeromajima’s Seso Port. Since opening in 2015 as a shop selling the island’s produce and specialties, it has become a place for the islanders to meet and relax. It is an excellent place to stop by mid-travel for treats such as a soft-served ice cream made with locally-grown fruits.

Kakeromajima Icchamun Market
  • 【Address】
    742-39, Seso, Setouchi-cho, Oshima District
  • 【Inquiries】
  • 【Hours】
    8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • 【Product range】
    Kakeromajima specialties, processed foods, etc.
  • 【Closed】
    The end of the year, New Year’s holidays, and lunar bon festival.
  • 【SNS】
  • 【Google Maps】

Remnants of war memories on a tranquil beach

Toshio Shimao was stationed in Kakeromajima’s Nominoura as an officer of the Marine Special Attack Unit. His first meeting with his wife Miho and the extremes he experienced during the war formed the basis of his writing. The park has a monument dedicated to the writer, and you can see a restored shin’yo (suicide motorboat) at the hangar along the trail.

Shimao Toshio Bungakuhi Park

A bijou spot with a view of the emerald green sea

The Shokazu village, about 1km west of Ikenma Port, is a quiet hamlet facing a gently arcing cove. The beautiful Suri beach beyond the village with starkly contrasting white sands and the emerald green sea was the filming location for Otoko wa Tsuraiyo. There are bed and breakfast inns around the beach, and each one is rustic and has a tropical ambiance. The beach is perfect for snorkeling and bathing, so why not savor a laid-back time, the Kakeroma-style?

Suri Beach (Shokazu village)

Return your rental bike at the port and set sail from Ikenma Port

Ikenma Port is the gateway to the island’s east side where Ferry Kakeroma arrives. Since it is about a 10-min-drive from Shodon village with restaurants serving light meals and shops, the port sees many ferry passengers coming and going. Be sure to go through the boarding procedures at the waiting area early and wait for the arrival of Ferry Kakeroma.

Ikenma waiting area

After arriving in Koniya Port, enjoy tuna grown in Oshima Strait.

A seafood bowl made with an abundance of tuna is recommended in Setouchi, where tuna farming flourishes. The freshness and reasonable price only a restaurant run by a fishing co-op can offer are appealing. You can also pick a fresh Ise lobster from the tank and have it cooked the way you want.

Setouchi Fishing Co-operated restaurant, Kairiki (first floor, Setouchi Umi-no-Eki)
  • 【Address】
    26-14, Koniya-Ominato, Setouchi-cho.
  • 【Inquiries】
  • 【Hours】
    Fishmongers: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Restaurant: 11:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • 【Menu】
    Negi-Toro (fatty tuna and chopped scallion) bowl (¥600), limited servings of tuna bowl (¥1,500), etc.
  • 【Closed】
    No scheduled holidays
  • 【Google Maps】