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Amami Islands Sea Voyage

The recommended routes are enjoyable for first-time visitors to the Amami Islands and sea travel beginners, too.

Model course 01
Okinawa (Motobu)―Yoronjima

A sea voyage for enjoying Yoronjima thoroughly

Leave Okinawa (Motobu) and spend three days and two nights on Yoronjima.

Model course 02
Kagoshima―Amami Oshima―Kagoshima

A sea voyage for thoroughly enjoying Amami Oshima

Leave Kagoshima for a 3-night/4-day vacation in Amami Oshima

Model course 03
Koniya (Amami Oshima) ―Kakeromajima

A sea voyage to Kakeromajima

A day-trip from Koniya (Amami Oshima) to Kakeromajima

Model course 04
Amami Oshima―Tokunoshima―Amami Oshima

The Great Outdoors Tour

3-day/2-night journey by ferry between Amami Oshima and Tokunoshima

Model course 05
Amami Oshima – Yakushima

World Heritage Islands Nature & Culture Tour

4-day/3-night journey from Amami Oshima to Yakushima