Amami route 02


Enjoy a sea voyage to the fullest, visiting the sun-drenched islands of Amami.


*Onboard facilities vary by ship. Please check the details on the ferry operators’ websites.

First-Class Cabin (private room)

Each First-Class Cabin has twin beds. The blanket decoration made of the blanket in the First-Class Cabin provides a welcome comfort.

Second-Class Cabin A

Second-Class Cabin A is a Japanese-style room with a TV, and it can sleep up to five guests by using the bunk beds provided.

Second-Class Cabin S

Second-Class Cabin S is a single room for a guest to enjoy a relaxing time alone.

Second-Class Cabin B

With four bunk beds, the cabin can sleep up to eight guests.


The large room is divided into individual spaces using partitions. It also has shelves for storing baggage.


The common area can be used anytime. Since meals are served only during restaurant operating hours, check the times through the onboard announcements. The restaurant serves breakfast and dinner only, so please use the vending machines or the shop to buy lunch.

Information Center/Shop

If you are using a private room, please receive your key here. Besides selling snacks and bread, the shop rents out hairdryers.


The common area can be used anytime. Enjoy a relaxing time appreciating the view unfolding from the large windows.

Shower rooms

The ferry comes with separate shower rooms for men and women. Anyone can use them during the voyage.

Vending machines

Customers can buy food when the restaurant is closed as the vending machines are stocked with light meals and snacks.


The accessible elevators are designed to accommodate wheelchair users and their carers.

Pet room

You can leave your pet here if you bring its crate. The room has a wet area, and you give food and water to your pet.

Smoking area

Smoking is allowed onboard only in this area.

Nursing room

Women with small children can use the nursing room worry-free.

Accessible toilets

The accessible toilets are designed for wheelchair users and their carers.

Wi-Fi facilities

The restaurant has a Wi-Fi terminal that can be accessed when communication is enabled.

Onboard Facilities Quick Reference