Amami route 01

Kagoshima―Amami Islands―Okinawa

Take a leisurely voyage from Amami to Okinawa, relaxing on a large ship


  • A”Line Ferry
  • Marix Line

*Onboard facilities vary by ship. Please check the details on the ferry operators’ websites.

Deluxe Cabin

With an en suite bathroom and toilet, the suite comes with amenities such as cotton kimonos, bath towels, slippers, and dental-care kits.

First-Class Cabin (single)

Each single room has a TV and wash basin.

First-Class Cabin (for four)

Each cabin has fold-out Pullman beds and can accommodate two to five guests.

Second-Class Cabin

Each shared cabin has bunk beds and can accommodate eight guests.

Second-Class Cabin (Japanese-style)

Each cabin comes with a mattress, blanket, and pillow.

Bathrooms with a view

The bathrooms onboard the Queen Coral Plus offer a view. Enjoy a soak while appreciating the view of the open sea.

Shower rooms

The shower rooms are open 24 hours. Please bring your toiletries and towels or buy them from the shop.


Please check the restaurant opening hours in advance as they are subject to change by season and service. Don’t worry if you get hungry out of hours as there are vending machines for cup noodles and snacks and tea-making facilities.


Besides island souvenirs and the ferry’s limited-edition merchandise, the shop sells a full range of goods, including daily necessities such as towels and toiletries.

Information Center

Get advice if you need help onboard. If you are using a private room, get your key in exchange for your boarding ticket.

Onboard Facilities Quick Reference

Valuables lockers

The coin-operated lockers come in handy when you are using a Second-Class Cabin. Keep your valuables safe here.

Nursing room

You can also change diapers in the room as it has a sink and cot.

Pet room

You can leave your pet here if you bring its crate. The room has a wet area, and you give food and water to your pet.

Smoking room

Use the smoking room to smoke as smoking is prohibited in all cabin.

Accessible onboard facilities

Accessible facilities include cabin for the elderly and the disabled with accommodation for carers, multipurpose toilets, wheelchair accessible escalators, and elevators.